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anyone on these interwebs wanna talk about……… clowns?

Hey d'you want to know why some clowns are scary?

i am definitely apprehensive but sure i would like to know

So I learned to be a clown briefly in grade 7. And here’s the thing, clowning is taking the worst aspects of yourself and amplifying them to the point of hilarity (It’s quite good for self-esteem, actually). But here’s the thing, some people try to make their clown a happy clown when they themselves aren’t a happy person, and that is, technically, lying. And our brains are REALLY REALLY GOOD at detecting lies, so warning bells go off. And therefore we get scared.

TL:DR, the only scary clowns are the ones who are lying.

“the only scary clowns are the ones who are lying” is a mood and im not sure how but it really really is


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