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it’d be cool not to talk about the aids crisis like it’s ancient history and something else can be the “new” aids crisis. aids is the new aids. people are still dying. it’s not a prop.

#okay but its not a death sentence anymore
 #you can be managed on meds for decades #we actually know how we can treat people #this site is so annoying

hi friend, did you know that 1 million people died of hiv-related illness in 2016, including several thousand in the u.s.? did you know it’s a constant struggle for many americans with hiv to access the health care they need to stay alive and healthy, and that on top of that they deal with profound stigma, discrimination, and criminalization? did you know only half of people with hiv in the u.s. have the virus under control through medication? did you know there’s a hidden epidemic of hiv among black gay and bi men in the american south? now you do!

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