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October 31 2017





Something that really bothers me about people’s hatred towards Ron is that unless you grew up really poor you have no idea what it’s like and how much it affects you. Especially if you grow up poor surrounded by rich friends. The jealousy seriously eats you alive and the way Ron acted was perfectly understandable. 

Over twenty years later, I’ll still never forget the day one of my classmates told me to just ask my parents for more money, as though I was literally too thick to work out the obvious solution. Because in her world, it was that simple. Or the day my teacher gave me an ‘are you even trying for a believable lie’? look when I had to tell him my parents couldn’t afford to send me on a low-cost excursion. Or how for an entire school year, I had to wear a school uniform skirt so small it left angry marks on my waist every day, because my mother begged me to make it last just one more year. The day everyone thought it was hilarious to ruin my pencil case, and even more hilarious that I was so upset and claimed that my parents would be furious with me - LOL, that silly girl! They’ll just buy her a new one, it’s not that difficult! (Spoiler, they couldn’t and it was). And yeah, I had my fair share of second-hand underwear too, like another character who grew up in poverty. The utter shock I felt when I realized other families not only had air conditioning, but also used it regularly… the jealousy I felt when everyone else had nice formal wear and I had whatever my parents could manage to get… the list goes on and on. And that’s on top of a bunch of other struggles and disadvantages I had.

But to hear Ron critics talk, he was the worst person alive if he ever even dared to want nice things for himself instead of just nobly being happy other people had them. ‘Why is everything I own rubbish?’ is not a permissible attitude, not even for a moment.

I see a lot of people making fun/disapproving of how Ron is always stuffing his face with food and it INFURIATES ME.

When you grow up fucking poor you learn to take advantage of free food when you have it.


Also does anyone realize the sheer fortitude Ron had to have to invite Harry over to his house!?

I could not invite my better off friends over to my house because things were literally falling apart inside of it and my family didn’t have the means to fix it and it ate me up inside to not be able to have my best friend over to my house when I spent the better half of my teenage life sleeping over at her house because my parents and I didn’t want her to see how rundown the inside of our home was.

Ron was so nervous about what Harry would say about his house and was embrassed by the state of it but he saw Harry needed somewhere to stay and he opened up his home to him. People who have always been well off wouldn’t understand the magnitude of that action.

Ron is a damn treasure and anyone who hates him because of his jealousy can’t understand the deeper meaning behind it.

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Digital Painting Commission of a Shiny Pumpkaboo!
Interested in one yourself? Commission Info

Reblogs Okay, Please do not use as this was commissioned for.



someone: the grey wardens are so brave and smart and strong, surely they can stop the blight!!“

*cue montage of Alistair hitting his head on every doorway in thedas*

#well he is 6'3" according to that scale figure#and historic buildings irl often seem to have low doorways#so I can totally see this happening (via @brennacedria)

October 30 2017



May the autumn months bring you closure, understanding, and a feeling of contentment.



every Ross i’ve ever met thinks he’s a Chandler

when i asked my girlfriend if this was me, she said “no ross would second guess themselves. only chandlers are concerned they might be rosses”


Yeah, there are unrealistic body images for men.

No, it’s not the same.

For men, the unrealistic body image is the ideal.

For women, it’s the expectation.




You know you’ve really been through some shit when you’re constantly more worried about how someone will react to you presenting an issue you have with them than you are about the thing that upset you in the first place

Didn’t expect this post to be relevant to so many people, damn

Hi this is a symptom of abuse and its so shitty to deal with

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left: muselk the racist australian youtuber dissociating during the first match against korea, where the australian team managed 7 total eliminations vs 119 eliminations achieved by korea

right: miro, the greatest winston player of all time, spawncamping australia so hard that korea won a control point map in less than 1 minute


there’s something really cute about how girls have a habit of trying to make anything difficult into a pleasant experience. like my new roommates just planned to get together to discuss contracts, but immediately suggested we do it with movies and nail-painting and chocolate. my friends and i used to dress up and do fun makeup for our exams. whenever my mom took me to doctors appointments when i was a kid, she’d brush my hair and put it up with lots of cute clips. girls are always trying to make things softer, or reduce the everyday stress in life. it’s such a nice way to be.

Three years into the water crisis







And nobody gives a sh*t

i only heard about this 2 months ago. its been 3 years????

Remember this started because Snyder switched Flint from a freshwater mountain lake to the polluted Flint River simply to allow his wife’s company to use the lake for bottling instead.
This is a manufactured crisis of corruption and capitalism.

Also remember that the pipes corroded because they refused to pay for the chemical used to make the water less acidic.

Remember that when the first E. coli outbreak from the water popped up, the city hall was given water coolers by the state, free of charge, all while denying that the water could be unsafe to drink.

Remember that, despite having a huge budget surplus and a “rainy day fund,” set aside that could easily cover the cost of relocating the residents by buying their houses/paying their debt, or could cover a large chunk of the cost of replacing the pipes, the state has decided to continue to only put in the minimal amount of effort.

Remember that flint is majority POC, majority impoverished, and is still being faced with crippling water bills from the Detroit water supply company, where they are often charged $50 a month just to use the service, on top of the cost of their water bill.

Remember that there will now be an entire generation of children who will now be damaged by lead poisoning and damage from the multitude of neurotoxins.

Remember that this is what privatized natural resources looks like. Remember that these people are being punished for having the audacity to dare to be poor in an economy that won’t let them be anything but.

At every level, this has not been a mistake.

The State and City are most upset that people know its happening and are resisting nation-wide.

But if we lose focus they lose even the small amount of aid they’ve managed to get.

This is how they do it. It’s a siege on the public empathy. Eventually we become numb to the problem and despair. Or something bigger happens.

Then its business as usual again.

Don’t forget Flint


Today I learned that Colonel Sanders of delicious crispy chicken fame was not a military colonel but a Kentucky Colonel

Though way back in the day Kentucky Colonels did have some manner of involvement in military, it basically just became like Kentucky knighthood where the only qualifications are “Kentucky thinks you’re cool”. Kentucky Colonels do not need to be from Kentucky. They don’t need to have lived in Kentucky. They don’t even need to have lived in America.

Other Kentucky Colonels include Muhammad Ali, Winston Churchill, Hunter S. Thompson, and Jeff Foxworthy, which is a failed Bill & Ted script just waiting to happen.

Anyways, Colonel Sanders had a goddamn wild life. Here’s some choice moments from his wiki page and and some other places:

-Faked his birthday to join the army when he was 16 and was honourably discharged a year later

-Worked on trains until he became a lawyer. Stopped being a lawyer after getting into a fistfight with his own client in the courtroom.

-Got a job selling life insurance and got fired for insubordination. After selling more life insurance for a different company, decided to start a ferry company.

-While acting as a minority shareholder and secretary for the ferry company, he became secretary of commerce in the state of Indiana. He quit a few months later because he “wasn’t very good at it”

-Sold his shares in the ferry company to start a company that produced acetylene lamps, which failed due to a competitors cooler electric lamps. Got a job selling tires, and then got laid off when the plant closed. Got a job running a service station, then got laid off when the station closed, because the Great Depression happened.

-Got a job at a different gas station owned by Shell and began selling chicken (!). Became the uncontested king of local chicken after his competitor showed up, tried to shoot him, shot a Shell official instead, and got convicted of murder.

-After his wife took their kids and left him to move back in with her parents, Sanders hid in the forest outside their house planning to kidnap the kids when they came outside. Got bored of waiting for them so he just strolled over to the house and talked it out with his wife and in-laws.

-KFC happened, being a colonel happened, he sold it but continued to be the company’s public image. Proceeded to randomly show up at various KFC franchises and insult them if they made it poorly. Continued to insult KFC’s parent company Heublin forever, including saying their food was gross and suing them for misusing his image. They tried to sue him for libel and were unsuccessful.

-He literally wore nothing but that white suit for the last 20 years of his life and also bleached his facial hair

-“According to a Thought Catalog synopsis of [his autobiography], Colonel Sanders was a servant of God, with a nasty mouth and a willingness to pummel a man with a chair”

-He has a publicly viewable file with the FBI that includes a paragraph that begins with “Colonel Harland D. Sanders has not been the subject of an FBI investigation” immediately followed by a paragraph of redacted text

I’m supposed to be up at 6am tomorrow but here I am reading about the chicken man. I don’t even know if I CAN sleep now

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Fake screenshots of an abandoned project to recreate Mother 3 with Wind Waker graphics. While the project never got very far, these images will remain engraved in our minds forever. 

If you know the names of the artists, please send me an IM so I can make adjustments. 

More concept art from the same team. 



I heard something interesting happens if you try to pickpocket Duncan so guess what I’m doing?

Also. Why can’t I play the prequel where I romance him.

So here’s what happens when you try to pickpocket Duncan and fuck up:

Fair warning, you only get this dialogue if you do it in Ostagar at the beginning. But what happens is that a guard runs over to him and accuses you of stealing. Duncan plays it cool and sticks up for you, saying “Grey Wardens are honorable, blah blah blah, and I’d take the word of a Warden over some asshole that’s got a bone to pick with people because he has to be a responsible adult for once in his life.” And the guard is like “whatever fine.”

So then Duncan pulls you to the side and asks you if you can talk for a minute. He talks about how the Grey Wardens come from all walks of life and have adapted the skills they’ve picked up over time in order to benefit the mission, which is a good thing. However, since the Grey Wardens are on thin ice with Ferelden because of Sophia Dryden, he advises you to be a bit more cautious about how you go about honing your skills. 

Which of course, brings up additional dialogue options and me, being the thirsty asshole that I am when it comes to character dialogue, decides to go the little shit route and I tell him that “I need the practice.”

He says: “That’s perfectly fine. Just don’t get caught.”

Which okay after hearing all of this it makes you probably think “Duncan is absolutely the coolest dude because here you are fucking up and you haven’t even been in Ostagar for an hour and he’s sticking up for you because he knows you really don’t want to be here but you’re in it regardless.”

But see, if you read The Calling, you’d know that in the first six months of Duncan being made a Grey Warden because of the whole “killing the Warden-Commander’s fiancé to be in a failed burglary attempt,” you’d know that his intense disinterest in being a Warden led him on a path to try and get himself kicked out or jailed. 

The primary plan being to steal everywhere he went. 

So I wonder what it must’ve been like for him in that moment, hearing or seeing you stealing in the camp as soon as you got to Ostagar, him knowing that you are not here because you want to be but because you have no choice, and him remembering how distraught he must’ve been to even consider testing these Wardens like that. So instead of blowing up at you and telling you that Wardens are above that, he meets you in the middle and sort of gives a little nod to the fact that he gets it because he’s been there too. Because of course he wouldn’t fault you for being upset about this. You and him have more in common than you think. Than you’ll ever get to know, thanks to what’s about to happen next.

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cotton candy  dva







hey American followers – if you like public libraries I’ve got some bad news for you

the Trump administration’s proposed budget plan for FY18 includes cutting all funding for the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) which is….. bad. I’m my library system, IMLS pays 11% of our total annual budget, which doesn’t sound like much, but in a lot of rural areas or states without as much state-level support for libraries, IMLS is responsible for the bulk of their operating costs and loss of this funding could mean the complete closure of central branches and loss of library resources for entire communities

I talk about this a lot on here, but libraries aren’t just free books – they’re a crucial service for under-served communities, they provide job search assistance to job seekers, crucial early learning and literary skills to kids, they provide information and access to people with no other way of getting them, they provide free internet and computer access, a free and safe place to be for homeless people, for teenagers after school, for families who can’t afford expensive daycare, and many of them provide free lunches for kids in the summer who aren’t getting lunch because they aren’t in school, and countless other things

there are so many communities out there who cannot afford to lose this funding and to lose the support that their libraries provide

go read about this. go call your senator. America’s pretty fucked up right now, but if we’ve done one thing right, it’s libraries, and we can’t afford to lose them

Please spread the word! Libraries are so important!


Another action item.

I am so fucking tired of these fuckwits.

I’m sure it’s the same in the US, but certainly here in Canada, libraries are most essential in those small, rural communities, that may not have other community and social service near by. They’re not just books (said so many times, but it’s true), they’re also community hubs, internet access, pre-school and after school programs, job centres, ESL centres (or places to learn about where you can take ESL courses). All incredibly important for immigrants, children, families, those who are less fortunate in so many ways.

I don’t know about other libraries, but the local library where I live offers some physical activity classes. I practiced qi gong and tai chi there for free. It was a great way to get active and connect with others.

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When I won the great ovarian egg search of 1975, I never thought I’d amount to much. But in a piddly four decades, I’ve achieved some pretty incredible things. Par exemple..

Wes Anderson: Who are you???

Taika Waititi: I’m you but stronger

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Got to love varric



in hocus pocus when the sanderson sisters bust out a flawless rendition of I Put A Spell On You complete with modified lyrics, back-up vocals, AND choreography, in spite of having been dead for 300 years and otherwise having zero knowledge of the modern world and certainly no psychic powers either……………….. can only be rationalized by “they rolled a nat 20 on Performance”

now that i think about it, a LOT of hocus pocus makes more sense as a D&D campaign with the sanderson sisters as an Evil party (winnie is lawful, mary is neutral, sarah is chaotic)

DM: you see a guy dressed as–actually, can you all do a perception check for me?
Winnifred: …3
Mary: i got a 4.
Sarah: oh shit… 1.
DM: okay, you see the actual devil. lucifer himself is here, in this modern suburban neighborhood.


DM: everyone roll a wisdom saving throw for me pls
*everyone rolls terribly*
DM: okay so max has just cast ‘burning rain of death,’ and


if there was a sequel to Fallout: New Vegas it would be called Fallout: Two Vegas and it would be about the second, larger Vegas floating above the first one that no one seemed to notice

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