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February 08 2018

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hey can you imagine working on a 90s cartoon now considered a classic and youre like “lets sneak in a dirty joke,itll be really funny,trust me” and then like 20 yrs later you see the same joke screenshoted on 5 different sites with worse and worse quality and captions saying “CHILDHOOD RUINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

ruinedchildhood is going to kill you if they find out youre vagueing them

id rather die standing up than live kneeling

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“I’ll listen to you ‘till this is empty…Finished. Bye.”

Cosplay made by me !
📷 - Kyle McVean

Russian trolls used Tumblr to undermine Clinton as far back as 2015 -- but the company is staying mum


By Sarah K. Burris at Raw Story.

While Facebook and Twitter are being marched into Congressional hearings and investigators are demanding data and records, Tumblr is getting off scot-free.

An expose from BuzzFeed revealed Russian trolls were given free range at Tumblr with hundreds of thousands of interactions on anti–Hillary Clinton, pro–Bernie Sanders memes, stories and pieces of content. The company, however, hasn’t said a word, they haven’t produced documents and they haven’t been hauled into testify before the Congressional committees.

You can read more at the link.

Psithurism: The sound of the leaves rustling as the wind blows through the trees
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an old god rises

             “my heart lies vulnerable outside my chest”

I was thinking about Elias’s origins, and thought “what if he was an old god..?”

i hope this shows up ok on mobile, I tried to push the highlights so it wouldn’t show up so dark.  honestly, i wanted to make this darker, but then it would just be terrible on mobile


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I read somewhere that the actors for Loki and Frigga decided they should share a tic…to pick at their hands when they were upset or nervous. I decided to look for it, and lo and behold, it’s true! I guess that’s something of a ‘tell’ if Loki is in disguise, heh heh. Fauxdin indeed. 


Troy Baker is livetweeting himself singing and playing the guitar

he’s so talented and he has such a dreamy voice ♥

(dreamy sigh) he can sing to me whenever he wants  (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

Troy Baker is livetweeting himself singing and playing the guitar

he’s so talented and he has such a dreamy voice ♥

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Somebody requested I draw Aggretsuko. It took me gosh-dang forever to actually get around to doing it, but here she is! (Sorry for the wait, anon)


So, with the death of another BLM activist, I think it’s really important to stop photographing and videotaping people doing activism. Like I know it feels really good for morale to watch a comrade snatch a confederate flag or punch a Nazi, but this documentation actively puts these people in danger, especially if they aren’t masked up and their names are everywhere.

there at multiple BLM (and other) activists that had to go into hiding after Cville because videos of them have gone viral, to the point of even their families not being able to get in contact with them. Even if you’re on the same side and you’re doing it for the “good guys”, just don’t. Don’t video faces, don’t ask for names at actions, don’t say names out loud to your friends. You don’t know who is listening.

Our morale building propaganda, is their evidence. These videos are the reason charges are brought against folks in Cville and these videos are why people are getting killed. Learn to use the word “unidentified” when talking about someone doing anything action related in any sort of media. I know a lot of us want to give credit where credit is due, but in these cases it puts these brave people at risk.

Italy gives world-famous opera Carmen a defiant new ending in stand against violence to women



One of the world’s best-loved operas has been given a radically different ending in Italy, with the heroine killing her tormentor rather than being killed herself, in a stand against violence to women.

In Bizet’s original story, Don José is a naïve soldier who is lured away from his military duties and his childhood sweetheart by Carmen. But she then falls for the handsome bull-fighter Escamillo, driving Don Jose wild with jealousy. The last act of the opera is set outside the bullring in Seville, where Carmen is stabbed to death by Don José.

In what is believed to be a world first, a production of Bizet’s Carmen will see Carmen shoot her thwarted admirer Don José with a pistol that she grabs off him, rather than being stabbed to death by him.

The dramatic departure from operatic orthodoxy is an attempt to shine the spotlight on the modern-day abuse and mistreatment of women, an issue given added resonance by the outrage over the behaviour of Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump.

The new version of Carmen will open at Florence’s opera house this weekend, with the first few nights already sold out.

“As far as we know it is the first time that the ending to Carmen has been changed,” the opera house’s Paolo Klun told The Telegraph.

The producers said they had changed the denouement of the story in part to protest at the large number of Italian women who are killed each year by jealous husbands, boyfriends and lovers.

Sociologists and campaigners say it is driven by men feeling threatened by the greater freedoms and enhanced economic independence that many Italian women now enjoy after decades of being seen as pliable possessions.

With horrific cases of domestic violence coming to light almost every month, the directors of the work said they were uncomfortable with the idea of audiences applauding the final scene, in which Carmen is stabbed to death and lies motionless on the stage.

“At a time when our society is having to confront the murder of women, how can we dare to applaud the killing of a woman?” said Cristiano Chiarot, the head of the opera house, the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. […]


February 07 2018


me, every single month without fail: huh weird I feel kind of bloated and lethargic but also very hungry??? and I’m breaking out??? and my back hurts??? this is so strange I have never experienced this before in my whole entire life… what could this be

me a few days later, every single month without fail: oh

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It’s worth noting that Kenneth spent the entire episode making the game (and the subsequent fight) as inclusive as possible for JJ and his disabled friends (all of whom were played by disabled actors/actresses).


Bonus #2

Of course I had to show the best part:


anyways the only reason i make ocs is for my own fun, its just a bonus when other people like them too, so thanks for everyone who enjoys them and says nice things to me. 2018 is the year of self indulgence bitches, do what you want


If u don’t have good intentions w/ me, please just leave me alone. I’m tired.


I hope you all fall in love with someone who never stops choosing you and I hope you feel at home when you look at them

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